Hello, my name is Chelsea

I’m a cute Asian escort, courtesan, companion, model, or whatever term suits the occasion☺️ As you might have noticed I have some passions. Some interests. Some aspirations. Some obsessions. I imagined this website as a platform for me to express them, experience them and maybe even exchange them. It’s cursory for now, but may grow as I devote more time to it (emphasis on “may)!

I am an international student attending University in Washington DC. Outside of my studies, art, fashion, cooking (or perhaps more accurately eating), are some of the things I’m interested in and love exploring. I would like to have a friend to have these experiences them with and hope that you feel the same. There’s much we can share and many ways we can enrich each other.Β  Essentially, I can expose you and you can expose me πŸ™‚

As for bios – I’m lousy at writing them. But the brand of interaction you’re here to pursue allows for the purest and most honest expression of human interaction that can be had, so let’s digest face to face. I’m very excited to embark on this trip with you…


I have long dark brown hair with a fair complexion…a cute round face with pillowy lips…a soft, petite build…
STATS:Β  22 ˚ Asian ˚ 5’3″ ˚ 115 ˚ 32C ˚ Brown ˚ Dark Brown ˚ Below Shoulders ˚ No body art ˚ Cute 😊

Meeting Me

My schedule during the fall revolves around classes and other various activities. It’s best to make plans with me.

Two hours of companionship, 1500 USD
Nightly companionship (12 hours), 4000 USD
Longer assignation, yes please πŸ™‚ (discuss)

Email me to begin our friendship!