Holiday Companionship

The holiday frenzy can create a bit of stress, making it all the important to set aside time in our schedule for leisure. Tension shouldn’t be the predominant feeling this time of year! Some time with a friend can add the sprinkle of joy we all so richly deserve. Your favorite Asian friend will be around Washington DC for much for much of the holiday, and available to meet with planning. Let’s be each other’s celebration! For your consideration:

20s Grad Student
Long Dark Hair
Perky 34C
Cute “Girl-Next-Door” Aesthetic

I am located in Washington DC but can easily travel to Baltimore or New York if you happen to be there for the holidays. I’m also willing to do a sponsored visit to see you exclusively, if you keep me company overnight or longer.

Contributions begin at $600 hourly. Visit my main page for further details and contact me at You can also follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn (though my studies don’t leave me much time to be active on either)!

See you soon…