Another Year Of Companionship

Welcome to 2020! 2019 was a fantastic year. I’m grateful for the experiences, the growth and the strengthening of the friendship we’ve had with each other. But I’m also looking forward to what exciting things another year of has in store for you and I! Visits to new places, date night at different restaurants, sights to see, tidbits about you that you never mentioned before…Or maybe we’ll just do everything we did last year, and that’s OK too!

I also want to thank you for working around my schedule. Pursuing my studies and interests means careful planning, and you were very accommodating of that. I have you to thank for contributing to my education and enrichment 😊

As you recall, I’m in Washington DC and still available for two hour dates in Baltimore. I’m also frequently New York and hope to travel to Miami and LA more.

In case you need to be refreshed about me, I’m the cute Asian student in her 20s; 5’3″ in height, 115 pounds, a full and natural 32C, long dark hair, full lips, a cute blameless face (undecorated by makeup, more often than not). A couple images are below.

Contributions for companionship begin at $600 hourly. If you won’t be in DC for a while, you can sponsor a trip to see you exclusively, of course; $4000 nightly.